You Are Dead Already, Ask For Your Burial Date – Apostle Sulaimon To Gov. El-Rufai

The verbal battle which later turned spiritual (Spiritual because one one party believes he owns The other party’s life, so can dictate when what happens and how) between Gov. El-Rufai of Kaduna State and  Apostle Sulaimon over the controversial proposed Kaduna religious bill. The bill which seeks ro regulate the religious activities in the state has angered alot of Christians who feel that El-Rufai is seeking to clamp down on Christianity in the state.

After  Apostle Sulaimon prophesied that Gov. El-Rufai would die because of his insisting on seeing the bill see the light of day,  El-Rufai, in a Punch interview, said: “Of course, I will die and went ahead to challenged  and ask him to mention the day he will die.

If that apostle is truly an apostle, he should mention the day I will die.” 

Apostle Sulaimon has now replied him by saying he is dead already and that he should instead ask for the date of his burial, adding that he doesn’t give dates for death but only dates for burial.

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