Basketmouth Shades Arik Air In New Instagram Post

Super comedian Basketmouth today threw shades at Arik Air in a very sneaky and indirect way, he uploaded a photo of him on-board a Dana Air flight and said;

Even if Dana Air delays their flight by 30min, they’re still prompt compared to some other ones we all know.

And we all know the notorious airline that that is known for their flawed services, Arik Air. An airline that will delay your flight and not even feel remorse about it, flights get cancelled without notice and if you ever want to seek a refund from Arik Air, it best you seek the face of God because, going by your own will will be fruitless, that’s how they are frustrating they are, I can go on and on about talking about the unprofessional, insensitive and rubbish service that Arik Air force down the throats of their customers, but, its of no use because they never change and feel untouchable.

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