Senator Dino Melaye Threatens To Beat Up A Fellow Senator

I think the word honorable should be removed when addressing all these people who call themselves lawmakers because none of them have ever behave like a being with honor. None of them including Dino Melaye and James Manager  have the interest of the nation at heart, they are all there for the gains of their pockets, If Senator James Manager wants us to take him serious on his objection of how the image of the Senate is being dragged to the mud, he should with immediate effect return the SUV given to him, also ask his fellow lawmakers to return their own SUVS, and also tell Saraki to plead guilty and stop wasting the time of Nigerians.

As for Dino Melaye, beating up people is more like a hubby to him, so, he is not a stranger to violent conducts, some don’t change, no matter the amount of resources or lofty positions they have access to. Both should be left to fight if they so wish. 

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