Police Save Orezi From Angry Man Who Accused Him Of Having An Affair With His Wife,

Lol, this is hilarious if true, and the man should have been allowed to beat some sense into the over rated artist, So, with all the beautiful girls that swarm on them music stars, its another man’s wife that he choose to sleep with.  According to Goldmynetv, this scene you are about to watch below played at Orezi’s show at Surulere, Lagos, on Sunday. The man who had reportedly been tracking the music artist confronted him and  caused a huge scene. He asked Orezi why he had been sleeping with his wife. In the video, the man could be heard saying;

“Because you be celeb, you think say you fit fcuk my wife abi? Shey e good like that?” He then pounced on him and was ready to beat him up but for the timely intervention of the mobile policemen that escorted him to the show

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