APPLY NOW! 2016 EDGE Fellowship For Early-career Conservationists

Applications to join a unique ZSL conservation programme are now open to early-career conservationists.

The EDGE of Existence programme is the only global conservation initiative to focus specifically on threatened species that represent a unique evolutionary history.

By becoming an EDGE Fellow, conservation biologists and wildlife managers with less than 10 years’ experience can gain funding to undertake an applied research or conservation project on an EDGE species and receive structured training towards becoming conservation leaders.

“The EDGE Fellowship is an intensive two-year programme that provides early-career conservationists with the opportunity to lead essential conservation projects with support from the ZSL-EDGE team,” said Olivia Couchman, ZSL’s EDGE Fellows Coordinator.

The two-year Fellowship comprises of:

  • A 4-week Conservation Tools training course at the beginning of the programme to provide Fellows with essential training in techniques to plan and implement their project;
  • A grant of £10,000 to undertake a 2-year project on a top-priority EDGE species;
  • Ongoing technical support via online modules, web-based tutorials/seminars, and field visits throughout the Fellowship;
  • One-to-one support from a scientific advisor based at ZSL or a partner organisation;
  • A 2-week Conservation Leadership training course in London on successful completion of Fellowship to help Fellows prepare for the next stage of their career.
Mea Trenor EDGE Fellow

Since it began in 2007, the EDGE of Existence programme has supported 58 EDGE Fellows, across 33 countries, to protect and conserve 54 lesser-known species.

The programme ensures that conservation resources are focused on species where limited research has been done or that currently received little or no conservation attention, so that the future of our most weird, wonderful and evolutionarily distinct species can be secured.

Olivia continued, “The Fellowship has grown significantly over the last few years and we are beginning to see the real impact EDGE Fellows have on their species, from large scale habitat restoration to leading national conservation strategies and even discovering new species.

“The impact is not only evident for the species but for the EDGE Fellows themselves, who have gone on to become leaders of conservation in their own countries.”

Applicants must be resident in the country of their proposed EDGE species, and must focus on a species from a curated list of mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles and coral species.

Observation in Quadrat

How to apply:

The application form, guidelines, and eligibility criteria are available to download on the EDGE of Existence website.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their projects with the EDGE team before applying, and they happy to provide feedback on draft applications before the deadline.

The application deadline is 15th June 2016. All applications will be reviewed by a panel of experts. Successful applicants will be informed by the end of August 2015.


For more information, kindly click HERE to visit the website.

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