PDP Reveal Their Dumbness While Trying To Blast Buhari Over His Daughter Flying First Class

So, The People’s Democratic party, PDP, are presently hitting their heads on the wall over a recent hilarious discovery they made today. According to them, the President Buhari’s 16 year daughter Hanan Aisha Buhari, today flew first class for her trip to London, and they are questioning the integrity of Buhari because since he decreed that all government officials should not fly first class, why should his daughter.

Now, this is where I always get mad about the kind of opposition the PDP is playing in Nigeria, seriously are there no other better issues that they could pick on in attacking the president? Hanan is not a government officials, her father is, and as the daughter of the President, she has every right to fly first class or lodge in the Presidential suite at the Waltz. She is not a public officer and did not seek the mandate of Nigerians. Wives and children should be left out of criticism political attacks. Moreover, is the trip a government sponsored trip? Don’t forget that Buhari’s wife never said she was broke and he equally has much older children who can comfortably foot the bill of their younger sister and even Buhari himself as the President can afford that for his daughter for her security and safety. If PDP can prove that she used government money to pay for her First class trip then, their attack on the President on this issue is right.

PDP should please go and learn how to play opposition well, the Nation needs a strong opposition to the ruling party and not some bunch of people who cry foul at meaningless things. Is Hanan Buhari flying first class Nigeria’s problem now?

How come, PDP haev not lambasted’ our idle senators for taking delivery of an over-priced SUV in this period of economic meltdown. So much for hypocrisy!

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