See How S*xy Yemi Alade Looks On A Bikini – But Why??

Music star, Yemi Alade went out of her line to strip for the new issue of Onobello’s Magazine and donned on a swim suit. she had on a beautiful bikini that displayed all her curves and endowment in its full glory. In the first line I said she “went out of her line” because, Yemi Alade whose new album ‘Mama Africa’ is bursting the air waves and leading in various countries top chart is know for her conservative ways, so this act of her’s is quite way out of her line and it  is a surprise to some of us her fans.

Yemi Please, let this one be the highest you can go, do not act like the desperate ones, we love your music and not your body, keep your body to yourself and your husband. Thanks

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