‘You Are A MotherF*cking Racist Piece Of Sh*t’ – Snoop Dogg Blasts Arnold Schwarzenegger

Rapper Snoop Dogg and actor turned politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger are currently in a war of words, and that because of a political favor Arnold rendered to his friend that has raised eyebrows. Arnold reportedly performed his last act as the governor of California when convicted murderer, Esteban Nunez was released from the California state prison yesterday. Esteban is the son of Fabian Nunez, California’s most powerful Democrat and a political ally of Schwarzenegger, who was sentenced to 16 years for stabbing a college student named Luis Santos to death.
However, in what was alleged to be a favour to his friend, Schwarzenegger reduced the sentence to seven years despite allegations that the move was dirty politics. Now, Esteban has walked out of prison a free man just as Arnold steps down as Governor.
The release of Esteban Nunez, who will now live in Sacramento County on parole supervision for three years, has sparked some outrage from a couple of Americans including rapper, Snoop Dogg.
The 44-year-old rap icon is currently lashing out at Arnold on Instagram, calling him a ‘racist’ and a ‘bitch’ for playing favourites. He proceeded to slam the Terminator star for not rejecting the death penalty of Crips gang co-founder, Stanley Tookie Williams.
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