Massive Greed: Check Out Kwara State Pension Law As Reviewed By Saraki Before He Left Office As Governor

Politicians are just heartlessly greedy, not just Saraki alone, am sure a look at all the state pension laws will reveal more alarming pension packages than this mind blowing one practiced in Kwara state, and from the review, going by calculation,Bukola Saraki gets more than N60 million a year from public funds as a Senate President and an Ex-Governor (Remember he is still being paid the same salary as a Governor).

Now how much does an average Kwara state worker make in a year, is it even upto a million? yet one person is being paid an outrageous sum minus all the other benefits and allowances he gets and also funds he must have looted from the state (this is a normal issue). And some one will stand up tomorrow to support a politician when his name is mentioned in a corrupt case.

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