Davido Accused Of Giving His New Signee Old Clothes Of His

Nigerians have no chill at all, people can just decided to make issue out of what clearly has nothing wrong in it, so what if he gave out his old clothes to the guy, at least, he is gave something out, it does’t mean he can’t afford to get new clothes for him, moreover, its even a designers.  So, yesterday, the innocent announcement by Davido that his new artist would be dropping his first video very soon turned into a huge trouble and character question for him. Davido even went ahead to also tease his fans with a snippet and that is where and when the problem began because instead of video appreciation, what caught the attention of many, was a cloth the boy rocked in the video. Researchers discovered that Davido posted a picture of himself rocking a similar cloth on the 2nd of January, 2015 ( 65 weeks ago ), leading to speculations that he might have overloaded the poor boy with his old clothes.

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