Watch The True Story Of A White Woman Who Embraced The Yoruba Culture And Became A Priestess

The movie Susanne Wenger, a biopic by Joshua Ojo and starring Affiz Oyetoro (Saka), Yemi Elebuibon, Londoner, Justina Onitchabor, Jessica (German who played Suzanne Wenger) is inspired by true events, tells the story of Suzanne Wenger, an Austrian who leaves her country to settle down in Nigeria. Intrigued by the traditional arts and love for nature, she explores the possibility of doing the impossible, by getting into the circle of the chosen ones. Her move is rebuffed and series of setbacks that would take her on a journey she never bargained for begins.
For those who do not know who Susanne Wenger was, she came to Nigeria with her husband and soon became ill due to tuberculosis. She was attracted to the yoruba religion after meeting one of the few priests and turned to it. She founded the art school “New Sacred Art” and became the guardian of the Sacred Grove of Osun goddess on the banks of the Osun River in Oshogbo. The sculptures there belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. She passed on at the age of 94 in Oshogbo.
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