See The Advantages Of The Ongoing Fuel Scarcity (Humour)

Every thing has advantages and disadvantages. Even as bad as the fuel scarcity is right now, Nigerians have once again outline the advantages of this scarcity. See them below:

1) Most compounds are noiseless because ‘I better pass my neighbour’ generators are on sabbatical leave.

2) Wives are happy because husbands who like hanging out are now staying at home with the family because drinks outside are not cold and no fuel to drive out.

3) All the housewives are cooking good food because no more Crunches and Mr Biggs,

4) Kids are reading their books since watching TV needs fuel.

5) No more congestion in network since many peoples phones are off.

6) Browsing & downloading is faster than before cause not much people are online.

7) Everyone sleeps very early now, No more late night movies.. Light no dey naa

8) There are MORE PRAYERS & less distractions.

9) Parents are over-joyed because their children that were always online now concentrates on their studies

10) Even God himself was very happy when he saw people who haven’t gone to church for months and years going to church and staying for both First and second services just to charge their phones.

Life is not that serious Ease off the tension #JustForLaughs


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