Kim Kardashian Explains What Her Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter Accounts Are Used For

KUWTK reality star, Kim kardashian-West has explained the different functions for her various social media platforms, revealing how and when she uses Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

In a series of tweets, she said;

“My Instagram is definitely my expression and what I love to show the world,” the reality star wrote about the app.

“My snap is kinda my silly sarcastic alter ego.”

Kim wrote, “Twitter is where I can freely talk and have conversations with anyone and everyone! I feel such a connection on Twitter.”

Kardashian pointed out that her app should be a destination for fans because it has everything. “My app is a mix of it all! I can write blogs, live stream, share bts pics and really show u guys what I’m passion about,” she explained in another tweet.

Kardashian then exclaimed, “I love social media! #SocialMediaAppreciationPost.”


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