Yemi Alade Blast’s Ominiknowest Media For Criticizing Olajumoke’s Husband

The fastest way marriages break these days is through the media, and having that in mind, one would understand the angle at which award winning music star Yemi Alade is coming from, which makes me remember the what the bible said, that, the Lord will always raise people to defend you even in your weakest time. Agege bread seller turned model Olajumoke is still pretty new to the media and entertainment world and comments like these from media house Ominiknowest can easily affect her marriage coupled with the wide criticism she has already received.

Now, in defense of Olajumoke and her husband, Yemi Alade called out those who she thinks are trying to break their home. She shared this controversial picture of the couple and wrote.

“What rubbish is this? Is a woman’s place on d side carrying A child ? Did she nt carry the child for 9 months already,endure labour alone? So after all this ,the husband decides to ASSIST his wife and carry their child he Is referred to as a WIFE like it’s a thing of shame? What I see is a modern family with normal day to day responsibilities and a child to feed but have decided to NEVER GO BACK TO WHERE THEY ARE COMING FROM!

PS ; For any man to carry this kid the way he does she must b a REAL woman in his home.Shout out to the ominiknowest media trying to break this home!”

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