Ginuwine Apologizes For Calling Nigerians Scammers

Earlier today, American singer Ginuwine came under heavy attack from Nigerians after he accused a Nigerian for defrauding people by using his identity. The singer shared the screenshot below and captioned it:


“I’m being told someone is using my name to trick people into giving money. This is not me! It’s a Nigerian scam going on so if anyone on any page that has my name ask for money curse they ass out people will do anything for a dollar it’s crazy”

He still posted the same photo and apologized. He wrote:

My apologies to those I offended I wasn’t speaking about all Nigerians there’s a scam being done on this page of Facebook and it is for a fact someone who is asking for money and giving a address that is in Nigeria it could be anyone tho not necessarily a Nigerian, a man can admit when he made a mistake my apologies again blessings. But still if you are on this page and someone ask you for money give them the business lol peace .

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