EB XCLUSIVE: How To Attract Men For Marriage And Keep Them

There has never been a time when the woman had to worry about getting a marriageable spouse than the days that came up right after the rise of the feminist movement. In the early 1900s up until the time of the Second World War, women have held an enviable position in the world with men actually competed for their hands in marriage. They were like jewels and having one of them as your wife was seen as an accomplishment for a man.

In came feminism and out went the value and happiness of a woman. In fact the ‘wifing of a woman’ has become so valueless today that there are debates as to whether marriage is an institution worth venturing into. It is because of this that we had to come up with this article that is a product of several interviews with experts and marriage counselors.

Q: What do men really want from a woman?

Men just want sex. Except if you are his mother a man thinks there is nothing you can offer him more than sex. It is on the truth that prostitution flourished over millennia.

Q: Does that mean we can’t keep them committed ever?

No I never said that. You know why they say men are just babies? Because they don’t know what they really want till we show them. They all want commitment but they have been taught that getting sex for free- without commitment that is- is prowess but once you show him more, he will desire to be committed.

Q: How does one begin to get a man committed?

You have to attract him. You have to look beautiful to attract him. To look beautiful means accentuating your selling point, not dressing skimpy but decently pronouncing your assets. If you do that the right way, you will attract the right men and that is the first step to getting him and keeping him for marriage.

Q: The next step being?

Next step is to give him the thrill. To give him the thrill means you will rub some honey on his lips and then hide the jar. Men are hopeless chasers and conquerors due to the roles they played in the earliest civilization. So, let him chase you a bit- but not too long else he will lose his interest.

The next step is to get him to commit.

At this moment, you should let him know that you are Ok with being with him because if you have been real all this while, chances are that he is already in love with you and you with him if he is wired to respond to your type of beauty.

To get him to commit, remember that sex alone cannot keep him even though it is very important to men. Let him see other benefits of being with you. He may be scared of commitment but deep inside they need their mothers’ love all over again. Sell him the idea. Know his plans, let him see how synergizing with yours would increase his chances for success

And Most Importantly, Keep him interested

Sex is one of our greatest weapons but if he has decided to marry you, he needs more. Respect, Homeliness, Food may begin to play important roles than they did before. Initiate sex sometimes to boost his ego and NEVER NAG!

Remember: any woman can have a man tamed!

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