You’ll Never Believe This Is A S*x Doll And Not A Real Woman

I don’t know if technology is trying to send women into extinction cos with inventions like these, men will soon start saying they have no need for women as these dolls have no ‘woman drama’.
A Japanese company came up with these living dolls that walk, talk and even moan while in sexual acts. They even go as far as offering their customers the chance to customize the look of their preferred dolls like her bust size, hair colour, eyes and everything about her right down to movable fingers.
Although they are made of rubber, they come with authentic-looking eyes and skin that feels real to touch.
The latest models include movable joints designed to place the ‘girlfriends’ in whatever position the buyer prefers.
At least its a good thing they are a bit expensive so its not available for everyone. They a little over £1,000. Another photo below:

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