Eva Alordiah Slams Female Haters – "Eat your boyfriends like I eat mine"

Rapper Eva Elordiah and her TV presenter boyfriend, Caeser who got engaged at The Headies have been flaunting their enviable relationship via social media and it appears some of her female fans are jealous.

The female rapper responded to them in an epic Instagram post by sharing a steaming kiss photo below with her boo with caption.

See below…



I understand that none of you have ever had the yearning to Eat your boyfriends like I eat mine. Quite a number of you do not even have boyfriends and from the tone in your many comments, GuuurrRl!! It is not hard to understand why!

I feel your pain. Because even I have bled from the same vein.

But unlike you I didn’t go around pouring hate and the bitter kola taste of an impertinent spirit into every girl who had one, like I would palm oil into a frying pan. Instead I saw her and wished it were me.

I Said to God, I want that too! And when, after many a great hits and misses with boys, like a learner on a tennis pitch who just can’t quite hit the ball right, I finally met a man who swept the-single-and-searching-rug off my feet.. And made me say Yes I commit

And Lord Oh Lord, every time I see him I know that I gotta Eat!! And so I eat, when I want to sha, Nor be everytime the thing dey chook me like that.

Sometimes I like to eat fast, Sometimes I like to eat slow, Other times I am undecided which tempo to go.

Like traffic on third mainland bridge at 8.AM from Ikeja. Go – slow…no, stop for a while for no reason, Go fast… Go slow again.

Anyway, I don’t know how long this feast would last, But it has been served me like the buffet at an Igbo Wedding reception with Food cooked by Isoko women and I intend to eat and eat and eat for as Long as the Food is in sight.

I pray God blesses you with someone who would make you eat them the F out! Say Amen, say it nauuuu you know you want to.

Hey C @mr_ceezerleo


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