As A Result Of My Love For My Fatherland, I lose Over $1B Year – Ibe Kachikwe

The Minister of state for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu, on Sunday  Febuary 14th revealed that in his serving the nation as a minister, he loses at least $1 million yearly. He said that his love for his fatherland made him forfeit his former more rewarding business. Kachiwu said,

 “The call to public service for me was unique. I was vice-president of Exxon Mobil West Africa and I was suddenly called to serve”
“In serving, I lose a lot of money, if not at least a million dollars every year by virtue of being a minister, but the thing is, I am directed by the voice of God.

“I believe that this country needs help. I believe that it is about time we began to perform for the young and upcoming. I believe that the sheer capacity of this country is unimaginable.
“I do not know of any country in the world with our population, our resources, our intellect, our flamboyance, our family nexus, everything is together.”

“Everything in this country is together; the only thing that is not together is leadership and in God’s name; we are bound to change that,”
“In every little space that you have, and in my own case petroleum, you have to make an absolute change and so I am not worried about price of oil.

“It can be five dollar for all I care. I am worried about the direction of the industry; I am worried about changing things the way they have never done before.

“I am worried about creating opportunities that exist; I am worried about improving the standards of living; I am worried about encouraging opportunities in the sector. I am worried about opening up those opportunities that have existed for years,” he said.

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