See What A Lady Did To Her Man After She Caught Him Cheating

Its said that hell has no fury like a woman scorned, and an unlucky man had hell unleashed on him by his partner who spotted him and woman believed to be his side chick. She stopped traffic while unleashing terror on her partner and his lover whom she caught driving down the street in Valledupar, south-eastern Colombia. She was caught on camera climbing onto his car and trying to beat her way in through the windscreen, before standing on the hood.

Get her down, get her down now,’ she can be heard saying to her partner inside the car. The chant is picked up by bystanders who appear to support her mission, and begin egging her on. Shortly afterwards, she can be seen opting for a more severe course of action and stands up on top of the windscreen. She begins to stomp up and down the car front, breaking the class and caving the windscreen.

It is at this moment that her boyfriend and his alleged lover decide to try and flee from the scene and begin to drive off. The enraged woman refuses to stand down though and stands in the cars way, climbing up the hood again again to stop them driving off.
The car begins to move off faster and the crowd begin to yell at the driver to slow down.
The woman gets off the car and her partner speeds off down the road, but determined not to give up, she jumps on a nearby motorbike and gives chase.

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