JUICY SPECIAL: Dangers Of Remaining Close Friends With An Ex

One of the surest means of breaking a relationship is by keeping close contact with an ex-lover/partner. This is so common among so many people. You make your ex your “best friend” and want your lover/partner to be cool with it. That is a hundred percent not possible. If you wanted to remain close friends with the person then why did you break up in the first place?

Let us be truthful to ourselves here, one of the reasons why we resume communication with our ex is to find out what went wrong and how it can be amended. This does not necessarily have to be the intention of both parties but when one party has that in mind then anything can happen because before the flames of “friendship” start burning again, there must be forgiveness first. And once forgiveness sets in, you can fall in love with the person all over again if you spend so much time together. Because this so called ex now knows where they went wrong initially and how to set it right. And if they are determined, they will have you back in their bed before you know what’s happening.

We are so used to giving the excuse of not intentionally doing what we did. The question here is “what was not intentional? Is it that we unintentionally accepted our ex back into our lives? Or we unintentionally made them our “best friend”? Or we unintentionally met with them in a private place and also unintentionally jumped into their beds? C’mon, let’s face it. Nothing was unintentional. We saw the outcome even before we ventured into it.

Now, if eventually after sleeping with the “ex”, you realize it wasn’t supposed to happen and still want to stick to your partner, you still make the mistake of trying to play smart about it and hide it from them. You might succeed for a while or even forever.  But what if he/she eventually gets a wind of it, what happens then? Where will that place our relationship? Even if it doesn’t destroy it, it’ll kill the trust that you once shared so it’s a Lose-Lose situation.

So let us be careful about these things. Of course you can resume communication with an ex but don’t make the mistake of allowing the hand shake extend to the elbow.



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