Housemaid Arrested For ‘Raping’ Employer’s 14 Year Old Son

According to MyZimbabwe, a 19 year old housemaid, Lindiwe Kahila is held in police custody for raping and defiling her employer’s 14 year old son in Zimbabwe. 
She was caught in the process by the boy’s elder sister who heard sounds coming from their parents bedroom and the boy opened up and told her that he was forced by the maid.
According to the prosecutor, Takunda Ndovorwi,

“The accused invited the 14-year-old boy to sleep on the same blankets with her and covered him with a blanket.

Kahila removed her clothes and became completely naked before she went on to unzip the complainant’s trousers.

Kahila ordered the Form One boy to lie on top of her and then had sex with him. She grabbed the complainant’s privates and inserted his manhood into her privates.

She ordered the boy to make some movements while on top of her and as a result, she had sexual intercourse with the minor without his consent.

The two were busted by the boy’s sister who responded to sounds emanating from the bedroom and found the two having sexual intercourse. Upon questioning, the juvenile told his sister that Kahila forced herself on him, leading to her arrest,” 

Kahila is still in custody till February 15, when her case is set to be transferred to Hwange Regional Court.


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