Meek Mill Sentenced To 90 Days House Arrest

Back in December, a judge found Meek Mill guilty of violating his probation after traveling without approval.

The rapper was sentenced today, he was facing jail time luckily, the judge was very fair and sentenced Meek to 90 days of house arrest. .

The judge said: “Ordinarily when I tell a person ‘if you come back you’re going to get a state sentence,’ they get a state sentence. But Meek has a lot of support and I’m taking that into consideration as well.”

His sentence begins March 1st, followed by a community service period After that, he’ll be on probation for another six years.

His girlfriend, Nicki Minaj came with Meek to court today. She did not speak but was asked by the judge whether or not she would still be willing to support him, Nicki Minaj said yes.

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