Six British Citizens Deported By The Nigerian Immigration

This news means that our Nigerian Immigration Service has also woken from their slumber just like the EFCC did. It is a very wlcome development, thought the number deported is small,but its a step in the right direction.

The Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Immigration Service NIS, Mr. Martins Kure-Abeshi, in a meeting at the National Assembly with the House of Representatives Committee on Interior to defend the 2016 budget estimate of the agency said that the NIS has deported 6 British citizens for violation of immigration law. He said:

“I just arrived from abroad on Monday and met this case.
“As I am talking, on Monday in the evening, the company that employed those expatriates, after my discussion with them, they are to be responsible for their air tickets.
“As I am talking now, I am sure they have been flown out.”

 “It is against the law of the land. So their first employer complained about these expatriates, so it is an offence they have committed and we have ordered their deportation.
“When we conduct our operation and discover that someone who is not a Nigerian is living in this country illegally, he will be repatriated. That is on our own part, they have to go.”
“There is another another angle to it. If he is a worker, working in a company and we discover that he does not have papers to stay in this country, he has committed an offence against the state, the company that the expatriate is working will give us money, buy ticket or whatever is their responsibility.

“Before anybody takes an appointment here as an expatriate, the organisation will write to immigration that they are taking immigration responsibility for that expatriate.
“If that expatriate commits any offence against the company and they want to remove him, that company must provide ticket so that the person is removed from this country,” 

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