Nigerian Police To Introduce The Use Of Stun Guns

It shocks me to know that our police force till this moment do not use stun guns which is a clear explanation where many trigger-happy police men kill innocent people everyday and blame it on accidental discharge. I must commend the efforts of the present Inspector general of Police, with the little changes he has undertaken since he assumed office shows he is truly a professional in his field.

The Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase has revealed that there are plans to introduce the use of stun guns for officers, who are on assignment in within the city.
The IGP, who made the revelation at the commissioners’ of police conference held yesterday in Abuja, said with the use of stun guns, cases of accidental discharge and deaths would be reduced. He said persons, who resist arrest and behave violently can be shot at without grievious bodily harm.
The IGP explained that in order to improve the conduct of police officers in this new year, monitoring teams have been put in place to watch over and report errant officers for the required punishment to be meted.

The conference, the IGP noted was meant to help the police evaluate the national patterns of crime with a view to fashioning pathways that will guide policy activities in 2016 by drawing on lessons from the previous year that can enhance the operational capabilities in the 2016 policing year.
Issues that dominated discussions at the meeting included the rate of kidnappings nationwide, deployment of personnel in areas liberated from insurgents the northeast, cattle rustling, armed robbery and other highly organised crimes.
The IGP, however, reiterated police commitment towards adapting to the changing situations across the country.

“As strategic police managers, the task of assuring the safety of citizens of this great nation is not only sacred, it is one that we must consistently dedicate ourselves to in the passionate and optimal manner.
“In the increasingly complex global space, where policing is now driven by citizens’ consent, intelligence and technology, we can no longer afford to stay dormant.’’

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