EFCC Should Find Out What Happened To Over 69 Prado SUV’s That Have Mysteriously Disappeared – Nelson Ekujumi

Only God knows how Nigeria would be or what would be happening now had Jonathan won the 2015 Presidential election again because with the new revelations that keep popping up everyday, I do not think Nigeria would have survived another reign of Goodluck Jonathan. Now there is another allegation of over 69 brand new Toyota Prado SUVs that have mysteriously disappeared.

Rights activist and public affairs analyst, ,is calling on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to immediately commence probe into the disappearance of over 69 brand new Toyota Prado SUVs allegedly given to the spokesman of a socio-cultural organisation by former President Goodluck Jonathan for support during the 2015 general elections.
Ekujumi said he suspected that the SUVs were sold, by the spokesman, to a car dealer in Victoria Island area of Lagos.

“One is hereby seeking the investigation of the anti-corruption agencies to unravel what happened to over 69 brand new Toyota Prado Jeeps allegedly given to a spokesperson of a socio-cultural group for distribution to a certain group of individuals for their support for the political ambition of the former President Goodluck Jonathan before the conduct of the 2015 general elections by the presidency,” Ekujumi said among several posts on his Facebook wall on Sunday.
“We suspect that the vehicles were diverted and sold to a car dealer in Victoria Island, Lagos State.”
He urged the EFCC to investigate the actual number of the brand new Prado jeeps that were given to “this socio-cultural organisation spokesperson” by the presidency prior to the 2015 general election.

He also asked the anti-graft agency to find out if the money for the purchase of the vehicles was appropriated for and where the money was sourced from if it was not appropriated for.
Among others, he asked the EFCC to: 

•determine the persons behind this assault and abuse of public trust;
•how many of these brand new Prado jeeps were delivered to the beneficiaries by the socio-cultural organisation spokesperson as directed by the presidency;
•how many of these Prado jeeps were allegedly diverted to a car dealer’s showroom in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Ekujumi said he was doing this because the role of the citizen in complementing government programmes is very critical to societal stability and peace.
“Hence, if we are to win this war against corruption, then all hands must be on deck.
“It is expected that the anti-corruption agencies will move fast to investigate this clear case of corruption in order to engender public confidence in winning the war against this social malaise.
“EFCC, over to you,” he said while commending President Buhari’s stand against corruption and the efforts of the various anti-graft bodies to win the battle in the

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