EB XCLUSIVE: Are You Ready For Marriage? – Part 5

Sex is not a Sport nor is it Porn

One of the reasons people want to get married is sex and yes, sex is a good enough reason for marriage. But for today’s generation Y, sex has taken on a totally different angle. Sex is ubiquitous and it has been sold as the only thing worth pursuing for a youth. As such, when young people start having urges- coupled with the ‘sex is what you need’ orientation that they have received over the years they tend to expend their sexual energies into the wrong channels and most times, we go into marriages with the wrong expectation we got from the wrong experiences of sex that we have heard and these unreal expectations birth dissatisfaction which then birth a whole lot of other complications that could lead to a broken union.

Here is a Fact…

Recent statistics show that about 96% of boys and 82% of girls have encountered porn and most of them have encountered porn before their first real sexual experience.

Also, most girls- about half of them- are physically forced into their first time sexual experience while about 43% of boys are psychologically and physically coerced into sex.

What does this statistics tell us?

The statistics reveal that our first contact with sex is porn- where two strangers come together to have sex as though it were a sport. No emotions, No admiration. Purely directed and perverted sex is what 96% of us and 82% of girls know as sex. Pretty soon, the vocabulary of porn becomes our innate desires. We want men with big d!cks, women with apple bottoms and conspicuous boobs and we want some freaky hot and hardcore sex even before we experience sex.

Then comes our first time and about half of us were coerced into it- either physically or psychologically- and it was wild. No foreplay, just self-seeking sex. Our partners just sought their satisfaction neglecting how we felt about being touched there and that hard.

We grow up learning to enjoy sex like that. We’ve grown to have it as though it were a sport. Some of us can have sex with everybody we meet even strangers. Because the one thing most of us care about a person sexually, is how much pleasure his or her body parts could afford us.

The truth is…

Sex is not sports. It is more than just the use of physical body parts for pleasure. It is psychological. It involves the baring of one’s soul and vulnerability to his/her partner and it most definitely goes beyond the shapes and size of sexual organs. It is spiritual!

Ideally, you are supposed to wait for sex till marriage but since that is becoming more and more difficult for the today’s youth, sex should be used as a tool for intimacy and not an imitation of what total strangers do in porn.

So if you are to be ready for marriage, you must unlearn everything you know about sex and learn this fact: sex is not just sport or and it is not what porn depicts it to be. You can learn some skills and techniques from it just to spice up your sex life with your partner, but know that it goes way beyond that…

Please note: Nobody is against the type of pleasures you prefer. Toys, oral, vaginal, anal sex is fine as long as it is done the right way and with the right motive and person.

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