Uche Ogbodo Apologizes To Fans For Her Outburst On Instagram

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, took to her Instagram page yesterday to call out a fan who was rude to her. Below is what she wrote:

“At this Very Moment, i am King! ? And i will take my Crown to the Grave! Fuck your Opinion! An Ex taught me Never to Use the word #Fuck ? but you know what? Fuck him too! I am too good for you2⃣?4⃣? My Dad told Me, not everyone will like me, Likers are gonna like, Haters are gonna hate! but Fuck you too Haters! i ve got my life to live. Done playing by your godforsaken rules. Abt now, We play it by Me or Fuck you too! Like i said #Goddess did it! ? it wasnt Uche ? #PeopleFaketooMuchIJustWannaSleep #confidenceiskey #godmademe #sogofuckingnuts #iamanoriginal”

Some of her fans took offence and said she should have just ignored the rude fan and continue with her life like nothing happened. The also expressed their displeasure in her using the F word. This morning, she released a statement and apologized to her fans for loosing her cool and promised never to use the F word again. Find her statement below:

“Hi Everyone, i Wish to tender my heartfelt apology via IG Since this is where it all Started. I am apologising only ‘cos i see that my inappropriate use of the #F word in my rant has provoked & broken the hearts of my ardent Fans. I have no excuse really , i am so wrong and i have come to realise from your numerous outburst online that as a role model to many, such words are taboos in our cultural society, Pls Find it in your hearts to forgive me for this dire mistake, I promise not to , not even in the most provocative of situations Use the #F word again . Am deeply sorry this and ofcos I love you way tooooo much to break your hearts, without you my Soul Fans there will be no Me. Am equally sorry that I won’t be apologizing for somethings I love as a human being living in this ever evolving Fashion World. Eg )1} I Love My Nose Ring, so am keeping it! 2} I Love My Cosmetics especially My Mac Lipsticks ,So am keeping them too! I will equally not apologize for the things that are beyond my power for example 1} why do I have a flat beautiful nose. 2} why do I have Wide full lips. 3}Why do I have such jawline ..etc God In his Infinite Mercy made me that way so I can’t change that. For the people that called me The Raging Bull ?, Cow bell , Bull on Fire , you aint Far from the truth, Which has been my point from the onset, The Raging Bull is the Symbolic representation of my Star Sign (astrologically speaking) Cos i am A TAURUS (May 17) so am happy We are communicating fine ! Which was exactly my point when I said Am an Original. lol Well Enough Said, but for those Who Love me dearly that i betrayed by my choice of Word during my Rage! am Sorry for real, from the bottom of my ❤ heart.. And for those who Hate Me, i am equally sorry for getting on your nerves and driving you crazy with my lifestyle, but if only you will create a little space in your heart to love me just a little bit, you will see that i aint that bad afterall. I Love You both (Lovers & Haters ) as Jesus does. God bless Us all #OneLove #happynewyear #2016 ✈”

She’s only human after-all and has admitted her mistakes. To err is human, to forgive is divine.

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