Russian Plane Crashes Killing 224 passengers And Crew

A Russian plane carrying more than 200 passengers from the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh has crashed in central Sinai with most of those on board feared dead. The jet, operated by the Russian company Kogalymavia and branded as Metrojet, was “completely destroyed with all on board likely to have died,” a security officer from the search and rescue team said.

But officers at the scene said the voices of trapped passengers could be heard from a section of the crashed plane. Destined for St. Petersburg, it was carrying 224 people, including 17 children and seven crew members.

“There is a section of the plane with passengers inside that the rescue team is still trying to enter and we hope to find survivors, especially after hearing pained voices of people inside,” an anonymous officer told Reuters.

Egypt’s health ministry had dispatched 45 ambulances to the scene to “evacuate the dead and wounded” which could indicate the possibility of survivors, though this remains unconfirmed. At least five of the children on board are feared dead.

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