Movie Review : Desperate Hawkers. A Must Watch!

Desperate Hawkers is a captivating movie that centers on the lies and betrayals that relationships come with and also the trials one go through coming from a poor home with nothing or anyone to fall back on and at the same time trying to preserve and keep one’s virtue. To me I would recommend this movie to every young man or woman out there because it is really an eye opener.

Another thing which I noticed about the movie that is rare in our film industry these days is the talent, the actors in the movie really did bring their best to the movie. I would say the producer used little or no technology to enhance any one’s acting or role. it was purely talent.  and it boast of talented actors like Muna Obiekwe, Angela Okorie, Bola Ige and alot more. Also you get to see Muna Obiekwe in his final hours because these movie was shot during his last days before his untimely death. May his soul rest in peace.

 So on a 1 to 10 scale, I would give the movie a 8.

Now the good part is this, this movie is available for you to watch free of charge!, all you have to do is, go to and watch, not just that, there all also other interesting and captivating movies on the site and there are all for free. so please take a trip to the site and thank me later.

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