Man Invents Underwear That Solves That Nasty Bum Show Of Men

Finally someone else was not only thinking in the same direction as me, he took extra steps to make it come true . A French builder claims he has finally solved the age old problem of the infamous ‘builder’s bum’ with the invention of some high-tech underwear.

Adrien Herve-Pellissier, 24, decided to take action after seeing a ‘particularly bad example’ on the streets of Renne, where he lives in western France.
He has now invented some special boxer shorts that he claims will put an end to the eyesore also known in France as ‘the plumber’s smile’ (sourire de plombier) ‘the mason’s line (raie du maçon).

‘The underwear has a large elastic band on it, you see, so when you squat down we don’t have to see your a**e,’ he told The Local.
After witnessing the harrowing sight in Rennes, he had come up with a prototype he named the ‘sourire de plombier’ within nine months.

And since the invention hit the headlines, he claims the phone hasn’t stopped ringing with people interested in either selling or wearing a pair. He’s now thinking of moving the product from the online world into retail stores, and is even considering creating a new line for females.

‘A lot of people laugh when they hear about the underwear, but in a positive way. I get a lot of encouragement from all kinds of people: men, women, young and old,’ he said.

The underwear is now advertised on their website for €19.50 (£14), and they have also started selling builder’s bum-proof jeans for €54 (£39).
The website advertised that the underwear can now finally save workers who find themselves ‘in a delicate position, such as on all fours under the sink.’
‘More than underwear, this is a new tool dedicated to professionals and active people. Our product certifies good support thanks to its comfortable and sturdy elastic.’

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