Double Trouble! Twin Sisters Arrested For A Daring Robbery

Twin sisters have been arrested for a daring armed robbery on a Daytona beach store after holding up the shop keeper with a ‘small handgun’. Kayla and Kristi Bergeron, 24, are accused of taking $230 from Sabbir Ahmed’s till after entering his store at 5.50pm on October 27. According to court documents, Ahmed told investigating officers that Kayla went to the rear of the store and opened a fridge and took out a 20 ounce bottle of Canada Dry Ginger Ale.
Both girls then approached the counter when Kayla left down the drink, reached into her pocket and shouted: ‘I have a gun open the register.’ 
Ahmed replied: ‘Are you kidding me?’ 
He said Kayla then removed what appeared to be a small handgun from her pocket and pointed it at him.  Ahmed said he opened the cash register and Kristi reached over and grabbed the cash before fleeing. 
The shop keeper told officers that the girls escaped in a black Volkswagen Beetle. He noted down the registration plate and called for help.  He said there were six-$20 bills, ten-$5 bills and $60 in singles in the till at the time of the robbery. Witness said the VW Beetle left the area at ‘high speed’ before police managed to track it down. Officers searching the car recovered the stolen bottle of ginger ale as well as the cash, although they did not find any gun. 
According to court documents, a dog unit searched the area for firearm without success. 
Both sisters were arrested for attempted robbery with a firearm or a deadly weapon. 
According to jail records, both sisters are being held in custody with a bail bond of $25,00

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