JUICY SPECIAL: Pause And Read This Before You Get That Maid.

Well, most working class or busy mothers will greatly frown and hiss at these write up and  say “She obviously does not know what she is talking about’ but deep down in their hearts they know what i’m saying is real. House helps or maid, whichever way you want to call them most times cause us more harm than good and there should be a limit to what we entrust into the hands of maids.

First, before i go on, who is a house help or maid.?
A good definition of a house help is a person who is paid to do domestic chores for persons unable to do so due to work, age or other things. Another interesting definition says, its one or more persons employed to help to maintain the house hold.” Now these last definition is what most women do, they entrust their homes into the hand of a total stranger especially the children. although most people will argue that, that’s the normally thing required job of a house help i do not disagree but we need to understand the fact that taking care of anything especially human being requires a great deal of love and patience and when it concerns children, it requires an unconditional love.

So, its not only risky to place your beloved child(ren), their lives, well being, your home, pricey appliances, your resting place, your dwelling place and now recently, your marriage, your life and future in the hands of someone who naturally hates the job because it makes them feel permanently depressed, underachieved and dejected….”,  it is a time bomb waiting to explode. and this makes me remember a certain maid of ours we employed last year, this girl is an intelligent young girl who just finished her secondary school but because she failed both her jamb and WAEC, her parents left her to fend for her self, so she was applied for a maid in her house, and was taken. but there was a flaw to these girl despite her hardworking character (yes she was very hardworking) she never liked the job she was doing. it was all for the money and thats where the evil starts.

A little scold and she takes it out on the children and most times when i go to her room to apologize for my aunt’s behavior, she would be very bitter and say its because of money she is doing these and if not for money, she would never be someone’s maid.

Now thats an example of a maid who doesn’t like her job or wants anything to do with the job but because of situation, she is doing it and thats a very dangerous and delicate kind of maid.

Another Plain truth is most of these maids are uneducated and it is risky to have someone with little or zero education raise your kids. It is not the best idea to leave a child in the care of another person who obviously wants the life you lead but spends so much time working for you and has no time to socialize too. It’s scary to put your beautiful, bright-eyed boys and girls in the hands of someone you don’t know, they could be perverts!, and most times i must say, these maids are maltreated and abused. Now what really expect from someone who is paid so little, does so much work, dresses so poorly, has little or no education, has so little choices, and whose little confidence is always under attack by your verbal, sometimes physical, other times psychological abuse? They could use your tooth brush to wash the toilet, add a “little” spittle in Junior’s akamu, spray pepper on your contact lens just to get back at you. some even go as far as bringing men home when no one is around, exposing the little kids to bad behaviors.

The 21st century requires that most times both parents work full time jobs and even take on an extra job to be able to cater sufficiently for the family. So perhaps you do need the extra hand, then you must know it’s not business as usual, LOVE is the only payment you can give to people who have chosen to change your baby’s diaper, wash your children’s soiled clothes, bring them back from school, bathe them, watch them for hours, cook for them, cook for you and your husband/wife then still clean, mop, dust, scrub, wash, iron, go to the market and literally run your house…
When I say love, I mean as you love yourself, your kids, your own family even when you are paying them. That can go along way to turn evil to good.

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  1. So are you of the opinion that women should be full house wives? If no, how do you propose she goes about working 8 – 6 and still keep up the home? I'd really love to hear what you have to say.

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