CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY – Amaka Chukwujekwu

Today, October 9, is Nollywood actress, Amaka Chukwujekwu’s birthday.

Enjoy this year and use it as a launchpad for your future! HAPPY BIRTHDAY from OGAMADAMTv!!!

She shared these sexy birthday photos and the caption below:

I am eternally grateful Lord for yet another wonderful day in my life;
most especially for the bounteous blessings that you have given me that makes me appreciate a good life?? for your great love,
your great patience,
Your loving kindness;
your protection,
your support,
Thank you for all of that and more to come?
Thank you also for the smiling face and friendly hand that kept me strong✊; for the worries, fears, difficulties and tears?; and for everything that brought me closer to you?;
Today i CELEBRATE ME? and another year to be productive and proactive?
Birthday is BAE? #voidwithouthim #amakachukwujekwu #misslegit



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