EB XCLUSIVE: How To Apply For A US Visa And Be Successful

UPDATE:  Kindly post all your US Visa related questions on our US Visa – Question & Answer section and we will respond to your questions asap.

Let me give you a breakdown of all you need to know, and how to package your supporting documents before going to apply for a US non-immigrant visa. I will focus on Study and Tourist visas as these are the most common type of visas Nigerians apply for.

Travelling to the US as a tourist means that you want to visit the country temporarily for pleasure or to visit friends and families. The visa is usually referred to as a B2 visitors visa. For study, as the name implies, is when you are going to study in an institution in the US. This category is called the F1 visa.

The consular officers presumes that every applicant is a suspect and want to elude to the US, you have to prove to them that you qualify to visit/study in the United States of America and you plan to return to your home country within the speculated period of time.

First, if you are sure and ready to apply for a US visit/study visa, you will have to pay the visa fees at any GTBank branch in Nigeria or online. There is a receipt number that will be generated and will be needed during the application process. The fees are on the website and the amount is different for each type of visa.

Kindly make sure you have your international passport, Receipt number of the visa fees paid at GTBank, travel itinerary, details of your travel experiences, contact information of your friend or family in the US (if any), details of your current job (if employed) and educational qualifications.

The first step in the visa application process is filling an online form called DS-160. It is a non-immigrant visa electronic application form that is required to be filled and submitted as part of the application requirement. To begin your visa application, click here.

While on the visa application page, you can begin your visa application by selecting your location where you want to schedule your visa interview appointment, then click on “Start A New Application” button. An application ID (both numbers and letters) will be shown at the top right-hand corner of the page, kindly, write it down somewhere because when going back to fill in the application form, the ID will be requested to continue the application. Make sure you save every step of the form as well, just incase the browser closes unexpectedly. When you have finished answering the questions on the form, it will take you a preview of all the details filled in, to enable you confirm all the information you have filled, if they are correct or not. After confirmation, click on the “Sign Application” button and your form is submitted. You would be directed to a confirmation page which will include your application details and a barcode. Save and print this page.

After the form has been filled and you have your confirmation saved. The next step is to schedule an appointment. Remember to apply early at least three months before your intended date of travel, sometimes the next available date to schedule an appointment from the day you made the application can be within 30 – 60days.


Before scheduling an appointment, You have to create an account with your details as shown above, to be able to go further with your application. After you have created your account and logged in, there are steps you need to follow as you proceed under ‘New Application/Schedule Appointment section’, fill in the correct information as you go through the steps, at this stage, the receipt number of your visa fee will be required to complete the process. Upon completion of the steps, your appointment for the visa application interview will be scheduled. Also make sure that the DS-160 non-immigrant visa application confirmation number used to schedule visa interviews must match the application confirmation page that will be brought to the embassy on the day of your interview.

The most important part is gathering the supporting documents to back up your application. Listed below are the required documents for both study and visit visa application:

  • Be sure your International Passport is valid for at least six months.
  • A 2*2 Passport photograph on a white background is required. Do not listen to the photographers hanging around the embassy because some of them give you wrong information. You can use their service and after which, collect your passport photograph and rush to the embassy. Some of these photographers will tell you to staple the passport to your confirmation page, please  don’t, that is wrong. *Do not gum or staple your passport photograph to the form before the interview*.
  • A receipt showing the payment of your visa fee.
  • Proof of Accommodation: You will have to make hotel reservation online. Your check-in must be the same with your date of arrival. If you will be staying with a friend or family, the person should send a letter stating that you will be staying with him/her for the duration of your stay in the US and back it up with a proof that he/she owns an apartment.
  • Proof of income: If you are sponsoring your trip, then you have to include your bank statements and pay slips (for workers) for the past three months. The statement of account doesn’t have to show millions of naira to prove that you can sponsor your trip. An amount that can cover your travel cost is what is needed, and then the cash inflow and outflow on your statement of account also matters. Some people make the mistake of depositing a huge sum of money into their bank account a month prior to the application. It is not advisable to do so as it can result to questions that you would not expect. Even if you have to, make sure you spread the payments on different occasions and maybe use different names for each deposit (preferably names of your family with same surname), just to show on the statement that your family can support you financially.

For students, the bank statement should display the amount that will cover all costs for at least one year of studies.

If someone else is sponsoring you, then you have to provide an attestation from the sponsor stating that he/she is covering all costs for your trip in addition to the sponsor’s bank statement.


  • Travel Itinerary: This is a document showing your flight information. You are not required to make any flight payments before your scheduled appointment at the embassy, because you are not sure of what the outcome will be at the end of the interview. Even your flight reservation expires before the appointment date, it doesn’t matter. Always book a return ticket and not a one-way ticket.
  • A letter from your employer stating that you are a staff of the company, stating the dates you will be on leave to show you will be free to travel at the time specified for your trip and any other relevant information. It should be written on the company’s letter headed paper, signed and sealed.

If you are self employed with a registered company then you have to include your company certificate of incorporation.

If you are a student, you have to include a letter from your university stating you are registered and on holidays at the time

specified for your trip. You can also include you student ID card.


  • If a friend or family is inviting you, the invitee will have to send;

An invitation letter stating your relationship with them and also indicate if they will be hosting you throughout your stay in the US and any other relevant information,

A copy of the invitee’s biodata page if he/she is a US passport holder. If the invitee still uses a Nigerian passport;

A copy of his/her biodata page and resident status,

Proof of accommodation in the US,

And Bank statements, if the invitee is sponsoring your trip.


For students only:

  • An approved Form I-20 from the university in US.
  • A Form I-901 SEVIS fee receipt indicating the SEVIS fee has been paid. The payment is made on the SEVIS website. Click on this link.

For more information on study visa requirements, Kindly visit this link.


Drop your questions in the comment section below and I will respond accordingly. Any useful suggestions should also be dropped at the comment section.

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  1. Hello Esther
    I want you to advise me on this..I apply for B2 visa on the 22 of December 2015.But i was denied Under Section 214(b).The last time i applied, i still working under company But now Am self employed.,My company is Registered.i want to know all the supporting document i needed when i am going for the interview.

    To Remind you ..Am still apply for B2 visa.Kindly tell me the supporting document I needed from Self employed.

    I Hope to hear from you as soon as possible

  2. Hello Esther
    I want you to advise me on this..I apply for B2 visa on the 22 of December 2015.But i was denied Under Section 214(b).The last time i applied, i still working under company But now Am self employed.,My company is Registered.i want to know all the supporting document i needed when i am going for the interview.

    To Remind you ..Am still play for B2 visa.Kindly tell me the supporting document I needed from Self employed.

  3. Comment Text*hi.my name is olumide.I applied for b2 visa may this year.I have travelled to ghana and togo then.I have good cash flow in my account. married with kid.I was denied .the consular officer didnt check any of my documents. I believed I was refused cos have only toured 2 west African countries. so I decided to go to dubai.am back and want to re apply.is it better to still use d earlier invitee? or apply thru some seminars that relates with my field.cos I will love to spend d xmas period in us

  4. Hi Esther, please where do I indicate that I have another side job, aside my permanent job on the DS -160 form . Thanks and waiting your swift response.

  5. Hi Esther .
    My wife applied for a b1/b2 renewal via dropbox box and she was called for an interview. What could be the matter. Our last baby was born there using a tourist visa but I know lots of people that did same and their were given their new visa without an interview appointment

  6. Hi Esther,i applied for a b2 visa but was denied ,now my fiance wants to invite me on a b2 visa again and am wondering if i should add my cousin’s info in my Ds160 as having other relatives in the US?

    1. Good day,
      Yes you should, since you indicated that in your last application. It is very important you maintain same info as stated in your previous application.


  7. Hi Ester,

    Thanks for the information.
    I scheduled an appointment for my F1 visa sometime last year but due to some unforseen circumstances, I didn’t go for the interview. It’s been over a year and I have scheduled another one with fresh information.
    Will my past record reflect when I go for the inerview? Even though I didn’t show up at all for the first one.
    Kindly respond soon.


    1. Yes it will. You scheduled an appointment, which means you have submitted the application form and paid the required fees. So it is important you maintain same information you submitted in the previous application.


  8. Comment Text*how much do i need to have in my own account outside from my sponsor account to us,and what kind of document do i need to present as ties

    1. I can not state the exact amount you will need to show. You should be able to show an amount that is reasonable enough to carter for all of your expenses while on your trip.

      You can present verifiable land or house documents and if you are married with kids and gainfully employed, you stand an advantage.

      Just prove that you have a very strong reason to come back home.

  9. Comment Text* I was given two years visa that expired August 2015 .l have travelled twice to USA . my husband and son do not have travelling experience. we want to travel to USA as a family in August 2016 for vacation. Can I do drop box for three of us. please advise.

  10. i dont have any money but someone want to sponsor me to us, is that possible and what are the things i need?

  11. Comment Text*hi esther,may de Lord bless you.my cousin sent me an iv to cum for her wedding but she didnt attach any statement of account or passport photopage

  12. Hi Esther I jst came across ur blog.please I,my husband n baby were denied US visa Feb 2016.though my husband had no traveling experience n we didn’t put it in d form dt we have som1 in US cos we wanted to visit miami as tourist .but right now we have reapplied cos my cousin in las Vegas who is a pharmacist is inviting us.N our appointment has bin booked for June 2016.my husband had to go to south Africa March 2016 jst to prove he has travelling experience now.I have also travelled b4 to Ghana only dt was 2014.my question is since my cousin is inviting us now will d consular review our previous application where we said we don’t have anybody der? N now dt my husband has travelling experience is dere hope dt dey will grant us d visa dis time?

    1. Hello Nelly,

      Its always advisable to reapply for a visit visa when there is a significant difference from the previous application. Your cousin’s invitation this time around is not going to affect your application. When you are being asked questions during the interview, make sure you answer correctly as stated on your DS-160.

      This time around, there are higher chances that you and your family will be granted the visa. Confidence in answering the questions is also very important and go straight to the point.

      I wish you the best!

  13. Hello Esther pls am having trouble with paying for my SEVIS fee, have printed out d payment coupon, but I can’t find any western union location in Nigeria that can render the service, all the banks have gone to can’t process the payment, wat am I to do now, where do I pay because have booked my appointment for Tuesday next week and am running out of time already…. Pls help me out with a solution

      1. Have visited the site already before contacting you, have printed out the coupon page from the site but I can’t find any western union location in Nigeria that can render the service… I don’t know where I can pay now

  14. Dear Esther, I have already filled and submitted an application on the DS-160 form. For some reasons I will like to fill another one because I made some errors in the previous application. Will/can the information I used in the first application be used against me when I finally appear for my scheduled interview with the new application?

    1. Hi Peter,

      If you have not booked your interview appointment at the embassy with the previous form already filled, then it’s okay to fill another one. The previous information will not be used against you.

  15. Dear Esther,

    I want to first thank you for previous assistance as regard drop box questions asked, to God be glory.

    However, my desire now is to know if while filing petition for alien relatives vie form I-130. Can I still apply for visiting to US. I mean while I have initiated form I-130, can I, while waiting for the outcome that normally takes time, still apply for visiting?

    Thanking you once again and looking forward to your prompt response.



    1. Hi Kunle,

      Thank you…

      Yes, you can apply for a visit visa but you have to show that you have binding ties to Nigeria that prove that you intend to return, you also have to prove that you plan to stay for only a short time because the form i-130 application reveals that you intend to live permanently in the US at some point in future.

      You should also prove that you can pay for your living expenses during the trip added to other relevant supporting documents needed for the visitor visa application.

      I hope this helps…

      All the best!

  16. Please my uncle send me letter of invitation seen march this year but due to some reason i have not be able to use it, but now i want to use it can i still go an use it thanks.

    1. Hi Ola,

      You should request for another letter so it looks recent, but if your uncle doesn’t send it before your interview date, you can use the one you have as long as everything remains the same and also tally with the information on your DS-160.

      Kindly like and share esther.com.ng on Facebook and visit http://www.esther.com.ng.

      1. thank you very much. but i have not apply for interview yet. Please i dont no if you have Whatsapp number please you can send it to me through my email box. thanks once again

      2. Hello Esther, good day!
        I really appreciate Ur effort in putting all this explanation together. I was helping my aunty to schedule appointment, I got to the stage of receipt number, I was stuck. I paid the visa fee at GTBANK branch and I was given a print out showing transaction ref with 8digit no which I was told its the receipt number. Its over 24hrs now that I made the payment. Pls can u figure out what could be the issue. The error shows no match found.thanks in adv.

        1. Hi Vikky,

          Thank you.

          You should keep trying and if you keep receiving the error message, Kindly visit the GTBank branch where you paid the application fee and make a complaint showing proof of payment, that is the receipt you were given from the bank.

          I hope this helps…

          Don’t hesitate to ask further questions…

  17. Good morning madam, I have been invited by my sister and her husband for a visit to the United States this coming xmas holidays ,of which they will be sponsoring for my trip and accomodation. Despite they sent me copies bank statement of account balance $278,000 with other relevant documents attached.Please I will like to know if it is advisable to add my own bank statement of #153,000 balance savings account. and lastly is it ok to fill 2months as maximum duration of my stay?

    1. Hello Vicky,

      It is advisable to add your personal bank statement even if you are not sponsoring the trip yourself. It just goes to show that you also have a source of income here in Nigeria. But if not asked during the interview, no need to mention it.
      It is not advisable to fill two months as the duration of your stay when applying for a visit visa because it would seem like you do not have any strong reason to come back to Nigeria, except you are going to attend a conference or a course that lasts for two months with proof. Normally as an employee, in a year a maximum of 1 month leave is given depending on the organization, and if you are a student, holidays are usually not up to two months during the Christmas period. I would advise three weeks or a maximum of one month.

      Kindly like and share esther.com.ng on Facebook and also visit http://www.esther.com.ng.

  18. Good morning sister Esther….Please I would like you to advise me on this, I am a self employed person and I am applying for a tourist visa to the united states. Is it neccesary for me to fill in my details as an employer of my venture in the DS-160 form e.g

    *employer’s name
    *employer’s address
    *monthly income
    *explain your duties

    and lastly, what is the cost of visa fee for tourist?

    1. Hello Franklin,

      No, you do not have to fill in those details because you are not employee.

      The tourist visa fee is N31,200 as of today…

      Kindly like and share esther.com.ng on Facebook.

    1. Hello Jasper,

      Sorry about the denials. I cannot help you get a US visa because I am not in the position to issue visas.

      Take some time off and try again.

      Kindly like and share esther.com.ng on Facebook.

  19. Hello ma, thanks for the good job and may the Lord in his infinite mercy shower you with blessing and make you soar high. Am a fresh graduate with second class upper and would love to go for my masters in us and possibly land a job after my programme. Kindly advise on the step to take. Will a million naira be enough for the processing and school fees and if yes how can I get a university with low tuition fees. Thank you ma

    1. Hi Olalekan,

      Thank you. Amen. I wish you the same too.

      Congratulations. Studying in the US is not cheap but you can get some form of tuition waiver depending on the program you want to study and your scores in GRE or GMAT, which is required for the admission process. You need to have high scores in the exams to boost your chances of getting a reduction in the fees. sometimes you might not get it before being granted the admission, you have to be prepared to cover your first semester fees just in case. Most times, when you enter the system, you will know more about different types of scholarships you are eligible for and also work as a research assistant in the university.

      You should check for universities in Louisiana and Texas, also expand your options and look for other universities as well.

      A million naira is not enough to process the admission and pay the school fees. When you have at least 2million, you can start the process. The exchange rate now is on the high side.

      First; look for universities online, prepare for the required exam(s) and start gathering the required documents needed for the admission process.

      I hope this helps…

      Kindly like and share esther.com.ng on Facebook.

  20. Hi Esther,

    please is it advisable for me to neccesary fill up my monthly income as self employed? and if yes, what is the minimum amount to fill in the DS-160 form.

  21. you’re doing a great job here God bless U.
    I don’t have anybody there and I don’t have a job now its my dream to live and work in US or Canada how can I do this. I know all is about money.

    1. Hi Daramola,

      Thank you and God bless you too.

      Truth be told, money is involved. You should try and start up something for yourself here in Nigeria to be able to save up some money.

      The best option to live and work in the US or Canada is going there to study which increase your chances of getiing a job after you graduate.

      If you are a graduate from a university in Nigeria and have very good grades, you can study to write GRE/GMAT and TOEFL and look for universities that offers scholarships.

      Kindly like and share esther.com.ng on Facebook.

  22. Hello madam

    I will like to seek for your advise regarding my brother inlaw who wanted me to come visit him and his family over in the U.S, should I address him as a relative or other relative when filling up the DS-160 form?

  23. Good day sister Esther. My Nephew sent me an invitation Letter, and I Told her that she must Attached her international passport to the letter. Buh Recently I think they stole her Car in Georgia. And all her Documents are in the Car. All I have with me now is the invitation Letter, and I am having an appointment Next two weeks. I Just need you to Enlighten me Please. I need Help please, Cos I am Tired of this Country.

    1. Hi Mohammed,

      Your nephew should check for a soft copy of his passport bio-data page, resident card or driver’s licence from his computer or emails. Its always advisable to attach a copy of it because it is part of the requirements if someone is inviting you.
      But if it is still not available, he should write a letter stating what happened and send a copy with the police report about the incident. This is just to be on a safe side, just in case you are asked to provide evidence of your Nephew’s status during the interview which rarely happens though.

      Just make sure you sound very confident during the interview and do not see this document as a reason for denial.

      All the best!!!

      Kindly like and share esther.com.ng on Facebook.

  24. good morning,am owolabi from abeokuta,am not travel before but I saw this site on Facebook,my own is this has a federal government workers ,whch visas tyed is good for me to book for esther says:

    Comment Text*am

    1. Hello Aremu,

      A bed and breakfast is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and inclusive breakfast, but usually does not offer lunch and dinner.
      It is usually cheaper compared to other conventional hotels.

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    1. Flight ticket is about 300,000 Naira from Nigeria. Accommodation, feeding and other expenses is based on your budget and the duration of your stay.

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  25. Hi Esther…

    I was denied two times at d us embassy in lagos dis year, my document was correct but to a surprise I didn’t know why I was denied beos I answer my question correct without any mess up.. But I will reply apply, if they give me I swear I will burn my passport and get lost in USA nobody will know where am from.. My question is if I do dis nobody will ask any document from me becos no passport and they will not know abi.. Pls reply via email ayoagasi@gmail.com

    1. Hi Ayo,

      If you would like to remain in the US, you should change your status the legal way. But if you choose to burn your passport, that i do not think it is the right thing to do.

      Anyways, I wish you the best in your next visa application.

      Kindly like and share esther.com.ng on Facebook.

  26. The My is a question, I have travelled many time likewise my wife. our visa expired roughly 10 months ago. We want to renew but our children have not gotten USA visa before and we are trying to apply for them.
    How do I process my wife and I renewal along with our children visa that are just applying for the first time.?

    1. Hello Ogunniyi,

      Good to know you and your wife have travel experiences.
      You can both apply for a Drop Box Visa Renewal Program since your visa expired roughly 10 months ago.
      Kindly open this link to know more about renewing your USA visa http://esther.com.ng/eb-xclusive-how-to-renew-your-us-visa/.

      For your children, you will have to do a fresh application for them since it is their first time.

      But if you are going to be travelling soon as a family, then you should apply online for yourself, your wife and your kids at the same time, and book an appointment to go for an interview at the embassy with your family.

      Kindly like and share esther.com.ng on Facebook.

  27. Thanks again Esther. My next question would be: how long does it takes to process residency papers especially if I came as a tourist? I wouldn’t like to work illegally but I’m just wondering if there would be enough time before your 6 months elapses?

    1. Hello Joe, you are welcome.
      The work permit visa application process takes about an average of three to six months in total. That is getting the petition required and the time of the interview.

  28. Hi Esther,

    In your previous reply you said tourist visa does not entitle one to work but if one is lucky to get a job, he has to be careful and getting residency papers is not workable through this means except the company you got the job with is ready to file for your residency.

    What exactly did you mean by “one has to be careful” and “getting residency papers is not workable through this means?”

    Many thanks

    1. Hello Joe,

      It is difficult to get a job with a tourist visa in US, most companies ask for residency permit before giving you the job. And that is why i said, if you are lucky and you are able to get a job in US without a residency permit, you have to make sure the company is ready to support your work visa application because apart from your employment letter, there are documents the company would provide to support your visa application. And if you start working with a tourist visa, it is illegal and when caught, might ruin your chances.

  29. Hi Esther,

    Nice job you’re doing here. I sent you an e-mail you never replied.
    Anyway, could you please tell me the detailed requirements for getting a tourist visa. Also are there work restrictions during your initial 6 months (maximum length of stay) for tourists?

    If one is lucky to get a job during the initial 6 months ( maximum length of stay), is getting residency papers workable?

    1. Hello Joe, Thank you. I did not receive your email, I would have replied. Sorry about that.

      The detailed requirements in getting a tourist visa is in the the article I posted about how to apply for a US visa and be successful.
      Kindly visit this link http://esther.com.ng/how-to-apply-for-a-us-visa-and-be-successful/.

      There are work restrictions for tourists in US, the tourist visa does not entitle you to work but if you are lucky to get one, like you said, you have to be careful and getting residency papers is not workable though this means except the company you got the job with is ready to file for your residency.

      Kindly like and share esther.com.ng on Facebook.

  30. I applied for Intensive English program so as to get conditional admission in the same university for other professional program/degree program when ever i finish my intensive English program

    1. Hi Adebayo, it would be difficult to get a study visa with a conditional admission letter from the university in US, since you were denied the last time you applied for a visa.
      Why don’t you write TOEFL here in Nigeria and submit it with your application to the university to get an unconditional admission letter for your study visa application.

      Kindly like and share esther.com.ng on Facebook.

  31. I applied for a student visa at the America embassy in Lagos and i was refused. i was told to reply anytime. i applied to one school in usa for ieltp. what can i do if i want my visa to be issued when ever i want to re-apply.

  32. Comment Text* sir I appreciate for educating us sir I like to put on with this tourism program but how I will sure that this visa. Will be give to us and sir for how many year they can give out tanks

    1. Hi Akinbi, You have to be hopeful and most importantly fill the online application form correctly and gather all the supporting documents needed. There is no harm in trying.

      The tourist visa is up to 2 years.

      Kindly like and share esther.com.ng on Facebook.

    1. Hello Segun, it does not really matter because i have heard of people who got visas without earning a huge sum of money. Just make sure you have enough money for your trip and some extra in your statement of account before going for the interview to be on a safe side.

      Kindly like and share esther.com.ng on Facebook.

  33. Dear Esther, thanks 4 the US visa tips, I hav applied already 4 B1/B2 but in my application I declined early travelling experience( though have bn to China n Dubai) becos I lost my international passport(not e-passport)that has these visas., as it is the only proved 2 such claim. My current passport is virgin n I also obtained a police extract as @ wen my old passport got missing. Wat effect culd ths hav on my forthcoming interview @the embassy .

    1. Hello Daniels, You are welcome. It won’t affect your interview at the embassy as long as it was not mentioned when you were filling the DS-160 online application form that you had a previous passport that got lost with visas in it.
      But if you did and the police report also indicated that there were visas on your passport before it got lost, then maybe some questions mite arise during the interview.

      But you shouldn’t worry, since you have already applied and booked your appointment. They might not ask.

      All the best!!!

      Kindly like and share esther.com.ng on Facebook.

  34. Madam Esther, hw wil i do. I was denied d visa 2 consecutive times last year, probably becoz of traveling experience becoz the consuler office didnt let me knw d reason. I knw i answered my questions correctly. And my agent is no more around. Hw do i go wit the new application becoz am aware i need to be careful in d application. I dont want 2 be barred of applying for the visa

    1. Hi, so sorry about being denied.
      When was the last time you applied, what was the class of visa you applied for both times and what class of visa do you want to apply for again? Then maybe we can start from there.

      Kindly like and share esther.com.ng on Facebook.

    1. Hi, a Visit or Tourist visa does not entitle you to live in US, you have a limited stay in the US with this class of visa.
      With a study visa, there are chances that you might get a job after studying which allows you to live there legally.

      Kindly like and share esther.com.ng on Facebook.

  35. Hi Esther,
    How does diplomatic visa work?

    How long does visiting visa to the US last, what’s the duration of the period of stay?


    1. Hello Joe, you have to be a diplomat to be able to apply for a diplomatic visa and there are specific requirements as well.

      Tourist visas can be issued for up to 2 years and the maximum length of stay is 6 months during each visit.

      Kindly like and share esther.com.ng on Facebook.

  36. Comment Text*
    U’ve spoken well and I soo much interested in it, can u please inbox me your number here is mine 08027080749.
    Waiting for your reply.

  37. Gud day Mrs Esther, do I still need to attach my own bank statement to my documents wen goin for d interview even if my cousin/invitee has agreeded to send me his/her own bank statment and also agreeded to sponsor my trip and accommodation to US

  38. is it advisable for the person sending invitation letter to send hardcopy invitation letter to the invitees or not ?

    Can you give us information on Australia immigrant?

  39. I really appreciate u 4 dis good work God will continue to favour u, u just make everything easy 4 me thanks . But what I also want to know is d tourist visa fees .

  40. Thnks for d advce uve bn gvin .. Ma, jst want to knw wich of this is well considered in sending someone a letter of invitation by writtin hand and send through box or to send through internet nd if eventually d persn sendin d invitation does nt include tht he/she is goin to accommodate such is their any penalty for that nd wht is the consequence nd way out. Ma! Snd via my email shegzy012@gmail.com

    1. Hi Sesan, you are welcome. The invitee can send a soft copy of the letter of invitation and you can print it out. It is also not a problem if he/she does not indicate that you will be accomodated. Make sure you include where you will staying when filling the DS-160 online application form.

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  41. Thanks for the word of advice u r giving us aunty… Pls ma my brother sent me an invitation letter not quite long but I just want to knw which one do they considered most was it by writting hand or sending through internet? Ply kindly reply via my email shegzy012@gmail.com. Thank u

  42. Kudos to u for the job well done..I will be finishing my degree programme next year and awaiting result and certificate, when am I qualify to apply for graduate programme?Do I need any foreign exam like GRE,GMAT TOEFL etc?Thank in advance.

    1. Hi Ademola, Thank you. You can apply for a post graduate program after you are done with your studies. And yes, you need to write GRE/GMAT, depending on the program you are applying for.

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  43. My us visa is expired,do i still get interviewed again like i had d first time fr renewal or jst drop box.in addition do i need to book appointment for either?

      1. Weldone for all ur Advices, may the good Lord Grant Solution to ur own problem. My Question is this, what if u r a civil Servant and u wish to Visit during ur Annual Statutory Leave, but u did not notify them @ D Office that u will be traveling out of the country, so the question is, wen getting to the embassy for the interview,if ur office I’d card and ur Annual Leave Approval letter from ur Office is been presented together with all other back up Documents from ur invitee,cab there be any verification?/is there any implications for this?

        1. Hi Michael,

          It is up to the embassy if they would verify the documents or not, the decision for approval or denial is always gI’ve on the day of your interview appointment at the embassy… It’s always advisable to get your documents right, the approval letter of leave from your organization have to be addressed to the embassy.

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  44. Comment Text*I graduated with second class lower.(gp..2.79).I want to apply for post graduate degree.will my application be granted.

    1. Hi, You can apply for a Post Graduate Diploma program and also apply for a masters degree. Try to get a reasonably high score in your GMAT/GRE and TOEFL, if possible. Also back up your application with a good statement of purpose.

    1. Hi Segun, You will need to have an employment contract and your prospective employer or agent will file a petition, which must be approved by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in the United States before you can apply for a work visa.

    1. Hello Adegoke, A visit visa does not allow you to reside in US.
      A study visa would be a better option as there are more chances to reside in the US after your studies.

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  45. Comment Text* Thank so much for d breakdown. Pls ma, I love to travel to us, but I don’t have anybody over there to accommodate me. Can it possible me?

  46. Thanks for knowledege been pass around. What if i want to renew do i need to book appiontment again. My visa expire a year ago. And i have travelled twice with two time visa given. Thanks al lot while waiting for your reply.

    1. Hi Owoeye, You are welcome. Yes, you need to book an appointment again. You cannot book a visa renewal appointment if your visa has expired more than 12 months after the date it was issued.

      Kindly Note: You are qualified for a dropbox if your visa has not expired more than 2 years after the date it was issued.

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  47. If someone is inviting me from US, how do I go about it? Am done with my studies here how can I continue over there? Thanks kindly reply

    1. Hi Seyi, if someone is inviting you, you should attach the invitation letter with your supporting documents and follow the steps in the article. it has detailed information on how to go about it.

      You can continue your studies in US by securing an admission in an institution and applying for a study visa afterwards.

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  48. Comment Text*Thank you for the good work you are doing ma, GOD bless you. Please Ma, if one want to go to the US for a christian conference or seminar, what type of visa will be needed, then secondly can your brother or cousin here in Nigeria sponsor your traveling? Thank you Ma..

      1. Good morning,I went thru your post on how to secure a us visa.Please will want you to assist me more on securing a us visa.Kindly forward to me your office contact,to 08037828877.

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