Kim Kardashian Credits Kanye West For Style Upgrade

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star in a chat with CNN Style siad that she’s “mortified” when she looks back at old photos of herself before she started getting fashion tips from husband Kanye West.

“I really think that my relationship with my husband Kanye really changed everything,”
 “I mean, back in the day I thought I had the best style. I look back at outfits and I’m, like, mortified.” 

“Before, I used to always think more is more and I used to accessorize and wear bracelets and earrings and necklaces,” 

According to the star who is expecting a child later this year she said.

 “I used to do it all. Now I definitely understand how much cooler it is just to be a little bit simpler.” 

“I think number one you have to know your own body type, because it’s, so many things look amazing on like my sister Kendall [Jenner], [but] we have completely different bodies and you know something could look amazing on the runway and then just not fit my personal body type,” the Selfie book author continued. “So I think that’s been a lesson that I’ve had to learn — sometimes the hard way — that sometimes things don’t always work out.”

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