Angry Mob Kill Man Who Killed Brother (Graphic Photo)

The rate at which people matters into their hands and be the law and judge over serious issues is frightening, every once in a while we get to hear of horror stories that have to do with the death of most times innocent people that were killed because a group of miscreants decided to take laws into their hands and kill.  we are yet not over the Aluu 4 case which is till fresh in our minds and now these.a case of two brothers fighting which resulted into one getting killed and an angry mob decides to kill the second brother.

 Adebayo Oyetayo Ismaila (pictured above) was reportedly murdered in cold blood by he’s mentally unstable younger brother popularly known as African Michael Jackson. who used a hammer  to kill him, the unfortunate incident is said to have happened on Friday Sept 25th at Okene Street, Rumoukwurushi in PH.

A neighbor alerted other residents of the area about what had happened,and  an angry mob descended on the younger brother and beat him mercilessly. He too died while in police custody from injuries he sustained from the beating.

Now, two grown sons of a woman arre dead just like that. something really needs to be done to enlighten people about the bad sides of taking laws into their hands. 

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