UNILAG Students Protest Over Bed Bug Infestation

Students of UNILAG this morning shut down the main gate of the school in protest because of the constant attack of bedbugs on students using the school hostels.

According to a student who confirmed it. Student protesting for the school authority  to take action and do something over the total infestation of bed bugs that has become intolerable presence in all the hostels of the school.

This is quite worrying, i can imagine their disgust and anger at the school authorities. i wonder why most of our government owned schools that are supposed to be examples to other private schools in terms of hygiene and conducive environment are never taken care of by the school authorities. there is no form of maintenance of the building or sanitizing the environment for the students.

Once the school building are erected that all to it. no once in a while check to either change spoilt things or repair them. Hostels are like example of slums. students are left to do all these things for their own safety.  Now see the sorry state of mattresses that students are using. its so bad.

Government should please look into these situation and other ones. lets learn to value our lives.

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