OMG!!, Man Steals Pope’s Cup, Brags About it.

Congressman Bob Brady, stole the Pope’s glass of water, drank from it and then bragged about it.

After Pope Francis spoke to the US Congress on Thursday, Congressman Bob Brady from Philadelphia proved he was thirsty in more ways than one. Congressman Bob bragged to the Philadelphia Daily News and CNN about how he snatched the Pope’s drinking glass, snuck it back to his office and drank the water blessed by the holy one’s lips. His wife Debra and a few of his staffers also put their mouths on the glass the Pope’s mouth was on.

Congressman Bob, who is Catholic (duh), gave two pictures to the media and also spit out these words.

“I saw the Pope drinking out of it three or four times and I thought it would be a great idea … for me to have something of a remembrance of Pope Francis. I just saw the glass, I walked up and picked it up and kept it.What do you think?
I’m sure it’s blessed if the Pope drank out of it. Why not? If not, I’m saying it is. I mean, the Pope drank out of it, the Pope handled it … It’s good enough for me.”

He plans to have the glass “authenticated” and he’s going to keep it in his home as a “family heirloom.” He poured the rest of the water into a bottle and he plans to use it to bless his grandchildren and great-grandchild. Congressman Bob has a history of messiness like this. He also stole President Obama’s drinking glass from the inauguration, but he swears he didn’t drink from that one.

What do you think?

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