I Made Tuface But He Abandoned Me – Blackface

Blackface brags that he made Tuface what he is today.

In an interview with Hiptv, Blackface opened up about how Tuface abandoned him when he needed help the most after he helped Tuface start his career and made made him what he is today.

During the interview where fans send in comments, a fan said Tuface should please help Blackface and Blackface too should ask Tuface for help. Blackface replies and says he cant beg Tuface for help and should not beg Tuface for help if he considers him his friend, He gave an example of when he had alot of problem and even lost his home, yet no one stepped in to help him, According to him:

If you are a friend, do i have to beg for help?, a friend sees that you are in need before you even say it, Tuface did not beg for help before i helped him, i gave him his name.

The star sounded positive on his music career and says thats what will help him in future and get him out of any problem.

The trio of Blackface, Tuface and Face were once in a group called ‘Plantashun Boiz” but the group split up in 2014 with each member pursuing a solo career birthing one of the worst bitter wars in the industry.

Watch Video below.

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