CELEB OF THE DAY – Nonso Diobi

Nollywood actor, Nonso Diobi, was born on the 17th of July, 1976 in Enugu but was raised in Anambra state. He is the last of five children.

He made his debut into Nollywood in a movie titled ‘Border line’ but was shot into limelight after he perfectly translated his role in a Nollywood movie titled ‘Hatred’. He has since become a household name and has starred in over 80 movies afterwards.

He is currently not married and not in any known relationship. He prefers to keep that part of his life private.

Some of the movies he starred in include: Border line, Hatred, War game, Titanic sisters, Caught in the act, Bafana bafana, Bride’s war, Will of God, Another side of life, Last decision, Boy’s cot and so many more. Below are photos of the talented actor:






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