14 Years Old Boy Arrested For Making Bomb-Like Clock Gets Presidential Invitation

Police in Texas yesterday arrested a 14-year-old boy for building a clock. Ahmed Mohamed, who lives in Irving and has a keen interest in robotics and engineering, put the device together on Sunday night. When he took it to school the next day, he was pulled out of class, interviewed by police officers, and taken in handcuffs to juvenile detention, after being told by teachers that his creation looked like a bomb.

 Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, Ahmed’s father, who frowned at the incident said  his child suffered because of prejudice against Muslims.

“Because his name is Mohamed and because of September 11th,” Mohamed told The Dallas Morning News, “I think my son got mistreated.” The Council on American-Islamic Relations is already investigating Ahmed’s case, with Alia Salem, the director of the council’s North Texas chapter, saying that it seemed “pretty egregious.”

Now the President of America has come out to condemn the act of the police and also to invite the little boy…yes you head that, invite him to the White house!. See his tweet below…

Not only that, The Founder of Facebook has also condemned the mistreatment of the boy and aslo invited him to come to Faceboojk and lend his team his unique ideas. now this is so cool. See his tweet below…

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