Woman Cuts Off Husband’s Friend’s Manhood.

The failure of a man to control his sexual urge towards a married woman has cost him something very dear and he is paying the painful expensive price.

The incident according to eyewitness who reported it happened in a community in Ikono Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, According to the report, the woman identified as
Mrs Iniabasi Okon took a very drastic step when her husband’s best friend, Linus Ibok , trailed her to the farm on Saturday, September 5, after he had escorted her husband, a petty trader to join a vehicle going to Aba, Abia State, to purchase items for his shop in the village.

Mrs Iniabasi said she was not surprised when Ibok trailed her to the farm because he was more like a family to her and she thought he wanted to her with the farm work, but was shocked when Ibok started making advances towards her, although she refused his advances and even threatened to report him to her husband, Ibok still persisted and tried to molest her.

She said in the cause of her struggling with him, she used her machete on him and chopped off his manhood. After which she ran to the village and informed other villagers who rushed to the farm to meet Ibok in a pool of his blood with his sliced manhood.

He was rushed to an hospital where he is currently receiving treatment while he will have to face the village elders whenever he is well enough.”

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